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Orange Mobile Broadband Internet


Orange Mobile Broadband Overview

Orange Mobile have joined the Mobile Broadband race and offer 3GB download allowance for 15 per month on an 18 month contract. Orange include a free Option Icon 225 USB modem as part of their package. The Orange 3G network is currently operating at up to 7.2 Mbps, which provides useable broadband speed to users. If you are looking for a faster connection, they offer 7.2 Mbps on their business products, which you can view in our Business Mobile Data Comparison. Before you buy, please check coverage using the Orange 3G coverage checker link below.

Out of Bundle Charges

Orange Mobile charge a reasonable 5.1p per MB if you exceed your monthly download allowance.

Orange Internet Everywhere Tariff

    Contract Monthly Tariff Modem Out of 3G Data 3G Download Skype Check USB Modem Check  
3G Provider Product Name Length Cost Cost Bundle Charges Allowance  Speed* Allowed Options Orange 3G Coverage Buy It
Orange Mobile Broadband  
Internet Everywhere 18 months 15.00 Free 1.46p per MB 3 GB 3.6 Mbps TBD Orange USB Modem Orange 3G Coverage Buy direct from 0range
Orange Mobile Broadband
Internet Everywhere plus a FREE
Asus Eee PC 900
24 months 25.00 Free 1.46p per MB 3 GB 3.6 Mbps TBD Orange USB Modem Orange 3G Coverage Buy direct from 0range

Orange cost per MB

The table below shows an analysis of the Orange Internet Everywhere tariff, showing the effective cost per MB and per 100MB. We included a cost per 100MB to make it easier to compare, as the cost per MB is so small.



Download Download Monthly Effective Cost Effective Cost

Product Name

Allowance GB Allowance MB Tariff per MB per 100 MB
  Internet Everywhere 3 GB 3072 MB 15 0.5p 0.49

Orange USB Modem

Orange have one USB modem available - the Option Icon 225 USB Modem. It is completely plug and plug with built in drivers stored in internal memory, to make for an easy installation. The device is single-band, which means it will not work in America. If you want connectivity abroad, purchase the Option Icon 2 modem available in our Business Mobile Data Comparison.

                           Orange Option Icon 225 USB Modem                                                                 
       Orange Option Icon 225 USB Modem                            


  Manufacturer & Model
  Option Icon 225
  Maximum download speed*
  7200 Mbps
  Maximum upload speed*
  Operating Systems Supported
  Windows 2000
  Windows XP
  Windows Vista
  Mac OSX

Download the full manufacturers specification here.

* Maximum download / upload speed supported by the device, actual speed may vary depending on the technology in your area.



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